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Fox’s latest ongoing mystery show Vanished premiered this week, when Senator Collins’ wife went missing. Ace reporter Judy Nash (Rebecca Gayheart) got on the case immediately, so we’ll be following her investigation in the weeks ahead. It’s a different look for Gayheart, who straightened her trademark curls to play Nash.

“We came up with a new look for Judy Nash,” Gayheart said. “The curly hair just didn’t feel appropriate. I think Judy is a little slicker, a little more coifed and a little more of a control freak and there’s no controlling my curly hair.”

That adds an hour and 15 minutes to her call time every other morning, but it works. “It’s like wardrobe. It’s really important to know every detail of your character. What I like to do is figure out the look of the character, a day on the life of… Like Judy wakes up at 5:30 AM, she goes to the gym, she runs six miles, she comes home, then blows out her hair. You don’t see her do it on the show but this is my backstory so in case you see her with curly hair, it will be justified for me.”

In case it wasn’t clear from the pilot episode, Gayheart laid out Nash’s character in a nutshell. “Judy is an extremely ambitious, aggressive, professional modern day career woman. Her passion is the truth in news. This is the story of her career, or so she thinks. And she’s a very clever, intelligent, well read, sexy workaholic. I think what’s interesting about Judy is that you’re going to see the things that happen to her personally which motivates her to be as hardcore as she actually is.”

As a hard working actress, this isn’t so foreign to Gayheart. “I think we have a similar work ethic and I think that we both consider ourselves to be intelligent. I know nothing about the news and reporting news, so that was a lot of research I had to do. I rode around in the Fox news van with some of the local area reporters. I learned that they do their hair and makeup in the van, they change their clothes in the van, they edit the stories in the van and they have to be very quick on their toes because it’s literally this is what’s happening, 3, 2, 1, you’re on.”

In the age of tabloids, some people may frown on her aggressive tactics, but it’s no different than any other ambitious professional. “I think any professional world has that competitive element and I think just being passionate and focused on your work for the right reasons, competing with yourself. Judy’s not competing with anyone but herself. She expects a lot from herself. She sets the bar high for herself.”

Already the investigators wish Nash would stop snooping around in their investigation. “Judy definitely has her own storyline and her own way of doing things. Her relationship with Calvin is strained, but I think that they find each other’s information useful, so they have a mutual respect for each other in the sense that need each other.”

The Collins family has a more diplomatic approach as the mystery progresses. “I think Judy is considered a reporter to be reckoned with, so reporters are never treated kindly but I think they respect her enough not to offend her so much that she becomes nasty.”

Vanished airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox.

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