11th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

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Rebecca and Eric attneded the 11th annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball on June 9th in Santa Monica. The fundraiser which helps homeless and low-income individuals find and retain employment raised over a cool $1 million dollars. Rebecca wore a beautiful coral Monique Lhuillier dress – she seems to be a fan sporting her clothes often! Here are a few pics found from all over the net. I will add some HQ photos to the gallery over the next week or so.


Cartier Love Bracelet

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I came up with the idea for this page from Rachel Zoe. I am a massive Rachel fan and a subscriber to The Rachel Zoe Report and today’s email was about Cartier Love Bracelets – the very first thing I thought was – Rebecca has one! (We OK this was the second, first thing was I want one!)

So… I thought of adding another page to the style section (I have plenty more ideas to come too!) on the bracelet that never comes of Rebecca’s wrist – some pics, background on the piece, what Eric has said about them and where you can get one (if you have some serious cash to spend!) – Click the Cartier to follow!



If anyone has anything to add to the page please send me a line at fansite.email@gmail.com